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"FOG VISION" (2013)








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Rosa Selvaggia

Micl Mercer
Another fantastic Italian Goth band, this is Nikita, Daniele and Fabio augmented vocally by Marta Ultre and the mysterious Lady In Black. ‘The Puppets Show’ starts with the queasy crumbly fairground sound of the upright organ then elegantly evil guitar slithers, dark bass tangles unfurl and a bolder face is revealed, vocals disembodied or groaning blare confidently out.
Lower with a scurrilously bouncy bass ‘Forest Shout’ has an incipient madness about it, shaking and blinking bravely into a light of fluid motion. Bass totally dominates ‘Fog Vision’, at first in an heroic holding pattern as the vocal shatter and disperse, then developing as a lead instrument while the others fall back, cowed by its exuberance.
Deplorably vivid trad Goth guitar lights up She Says And Does Not Say’ while ’10 Agosto ‘44’ is quite a steadfast, serious loper, and what the date signifies I have no idea. Google mentioned race riots in Alabama, an attempt on Hitler’s life and the Battle Of Narva. Take your pick as it gets moody! ‘Pigface’ is a sturdy place of rhythm and clatter with joyous squiggly guitar like UK Decay gone off the rails, clipped energy and vocal drama over imaginative floor space. ‘
We Bare The Light’ is beautiful with light keyboards, distant grumbling guitar and thoughtfully gathered vocals, with ‘Withered Flowers’ one for fans of thinly ragged guitar and pushy bass encouraging vocals to blurt weirdly. ‘
Diva Glance’ has a hazier glow, light and refreshing, with closer ‘Fosca’ offering deeply atmospheric contrast with plunking piano and noises off, a thoroughly dark, depressive mini-barrage. §As if all that wasn’t good enough the CD is black with fake grooves to resemble vinyl and is placed in a tin with a nice soft interior. Classy throughout!